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Tom S. Fricano, California Op/Kinetic Modernist

Tom Salvatore Fricano arrived as a young college instructor at California State University, Northridge in 1963.  His prior work from the late 1950s was mostly abstract.  We are not completely sure, but it appears that with his arrival to California he started to take on a style that is a cross between optical (aka op/kinetic art) and modern mandala art.  Optical art was about using mathematical designs and mandala art is about creating geometric patterns that represent the cosmos symbolically.  In many respects this is so Southern California, his artwork during this period is about radical balance, that perhaps is influenced by traces of Buddhism/Hinduism mandalas establishing the sacred within his art.     

Some might consider Fricano a second or third generation hard-edge abstractionist because of his California artistic influences, and we are not sure if his art prints from this period take on any religious meaning or if this was a later attribution.  Yet there were numerous op …