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Idyllic Vintage Folk Art - Celebrating the Amateur Artists

What is the correct labeling for the artists who are unschooled, untrained, in the formal academic art training traditions?  With the start of the New York Museum of American Folk Art, art historians started by labeling these works as Folk Art, years later, untrained artist come under a variety of labels: Naive, Primitive, Outsider, Outliers and Folk Art.

Most amateur artists are unknown, they don't have full resumes and documentation of their work, as much of their work is produced for themselves, friends or family members.  In the case of these painters they would use materials that they had or were readily available.  Unlike their professional contemporaries, they painted not to gain fame but to preserve an account of adventurous days or happy imaginings.

In the first example, the idyllic genre scene depicts two hunters dressed in traditional red along with their English Pointers.The hunters are shooting at some pheasants in-flight overhead.  The scene could be anywhere in a no…