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Peter Kasudluak (1906-1982), Inuit Sculpture Artist

Kasudluak was born, raised and lived in a northern village on the Hudson Bay next to the mouth of Innuksuak River, called Inukjuak, Quebec.  The cultural magazine of the Nunavik Inuit, "Tumivut" (Edition 12, 2000) published:  "The Encyclopedia of Peter Kasudluak, Excerpt from Notebook 4."  The extended article told the tales of hunting and butchering caribou, seals and foxes on the Arctic tundra.  These animals were used for food and clothing and were important sustenance during the long winters.  Therefore, Kasudluak had a first hand knowledge of the animals he carved.

Kasudluak frequently used indigenous serpentine stone that is very heavy and connected to the iron silicate family, as in the case of the Walrus Seal below.  Kasudluak, a part-time and self-taught artist, captured the stylized curvilinear abstraction mixed with elements of primitive carving.  In this regard, Kasudluak takes on the same elements as Britain's most famous sculptor - Henry Moore.  K…