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Outsider Artist: "Sky" Creates a Modern Madonna - Mother of the Son of God

Outsider Art is art by self-taught or naive art makers.  In the case of "Sky" she is outside the mainstream of the professional art field and she uses her art to calm her soul, which is in keeping with Outsider Art.  Her Madonna portrait is reflective of the biblical text coming from Matthew 1:18, Mary is touched by the Holy Spirit, pregnant, yet still not a mother.

Sky's art works start with a traditional canvas stretched over a frame.  Yet frames are made out of materials that are easily available from the trash or leftovers from a building site.  In other words, the frames could be 2 X 4 wall construction studs.  Her canvases are divided into sections where she paints the flat sections with different areas of color.  There is no shadowing, or gradation, just flat sections of color that delineate this Modern Madonna's hair, face, neck, shoulders, and breasts.  The breasts are highlighted with candy gum drop nipples.

Sky uses something like "3D Scribbles" …