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Jane Waterous, Pop Artist

Jane Waterous, pop and semi-abstract artist works out of the Bahamas.  She is formally trained, having a B.A. in Fine Arts from Queens College, and a degree from Ontario College of Art, Toronto.  Waterous started her career as an art director at a Toronto graphic design firm in 1986.  Then went on to graduate from New York University's professional film program. 

The gallery websites' that represent her artistically talk about how enormously popular and widely collected her work is.  It is a little boastful, and it sounds like she is selling her painting's on the QVC network, but Andy Warhol was also influenced by graphic design and had the power to turn Campbell Soup into an art form.  If it is true that Waterous is an internationally noted artist and widely collected, then it is not boastful, it is just fact.  

Waterous uses many vintage cultural symbols and sometimes words to create her art.  She creates pink lip paintings and here below she uses the originally designed 1…