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Bruce Barton Penney (1929-89) Magic Realism

Penney, a New Hampshire artist is frequently compared to Andrew Wyeth. Where Wyeth never wanted to pigeonholed into any one style, many art critics and commentators would describe both, Penney and Wyeth as Magic Realism Artists.

They both loved compositions that included rural landscapes, with strange and uncanny perspectives complete with micro-details. For example, both artists could paint endless blades of grass to heighten the drama. With these details, they created texture within their paintings.

In Penney's painting; "Rural Mailbox" there is a high gauge stainless steel mailbox sitting on a weathered three-prong wooded post. The mailbox takes left center stage, along side the road. The tall grasses sweep the flat landscape, where children play. We are not sure if the children are Penney's children or if it is a memory out of his childhood. The kids running in the tall grasses are wearing summer tee shirts and the sky is a muted color of  warm hazy. With this s…