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Charles Bear, Montana Western Artist

Bear has dedicated his artistic life to historic American Indian imagery. His work is a cross between historic documentation and modern interpretation, capturing tribal rituals that held mystical appeal to the white man settlers. Artists can either dramatize or romanticize the American Indian subject, nevertheless, it is a truly an American subject that Bear understands.

Artists like Charles Russell, and current American Indian artist, Kevin Red Star, as well as Bear, have been living with this subject matter in Montana. Russell, Red Star and Bear are not painting allegorical myths, instead their works are of daily tribal life or tales of horror that includes massacres of American Indians or of Custer's defeat.

Bear (b. 1950) aka, Charles Bear Weiner, has participated in the C.M. Russell March Art Auction in Great Falls, Montana for at least 30 years. Most of his work submitted for the Russell Auction depicts an 1850s vanishing era of spiritual life on the Northern Plains.…