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Walter von Gunten - Scherenschnitter Artist

In the 1990's R. A. Baumgart, wrote an article for the Journal (Wisconsin Newspaper) entitled: Scissors Art:  the Lace That Takes a Million Snips.  The subtitle was:  For Sheer Intricacy, It's Hard to Top the Delicate Folk Art of Long Ago Europe.  Baumgart's knowledge was helpful in creating this blog.

Scissor cutting art has been practiced in much of Europe for centuries, but the work has now faded.  It reached its peak about 200 years ago.  It was the people's art, and when done by the Germans and Swiss it is called scherenschnitte.  When accomplished by the these two groups, the work tends to be more delicate and more detailed in design.  Scherenschnitte was cut from single sheets of paper and pasted on a contrasting paper background.  Common subjects were fantasies of trees, elves or rural scenes.

A Steady Hand and a Keen Eye:  Scherenschnitte is a demanding art form.  The work is incredibly detailed.  Long hours and exacting conditions are required.  Fine detail d…