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Hal Maddox (1933-2015) Redwood Master Artist

Okay it is vacation season -

Grants Pass Oregon is located at the major crossroads to the Redwood National Forest.  You take Highway 199 going south and then connect up to 101, the Coastal Highway.  On 101 you will find your way to a magical rain-forest where there are the tallest and most massive trees still left on earth.

Southern Oregon, northern California was the home of Harold Peter Maddox.  He was born and raised in this area.  His father served as a bookkeeper for a logging company.  These early influences would create the master tree portrait painter, documenting his surroundings.  Maddox does not paint a single portrait, instead he painted the matriarch and the extended family.  This family is rooted, possessing character, ambitions and idiosyncrasies that celebrate the aged bark and new spiny branches. 

Maddox knows the trees, sees their whims; understands their struggles; the struggles with the wind and weather.  He records their rhythm and all that is going on in the for…