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R. J. Newhall - Livingston, MT Artist

Just outside Butte, Montana, the Continental Divide looms large, the sign at Homestake Pass says it is 6,393 feet above sea level.  The Continental Divide provides a high point for the North American Continent and creates the hydrological divide where water flows in several different directions including:  The Pacific, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.  In these high points, the rock formations cover the mountain sides where batches of rubber rabbitbrush and silver sagebrush grow through the alkaline cracks and craters of the rock.  The gray-green shrubs grow into a rounded bouquet, each two to five feet tall, and when the sun is just right, the brush takes on Montana texture with shadows and shades that give it a dark purple glow.  In these higher elevations, the treeline is the edge where the tree habitat is capable of growing, creating stunted or dwarf pines.  Bob Newhall knows and captures these Montana scenes with a brisk pen and watercolor brush as in the painting below.

Robert J.…