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Carol Pelno Rockwell - Noted Miniature Artist

Rockwell is way more than a miniature artist, instead she should be listed as a travel artist.  During her life she has traveled extensively capturing and documenting scenes during her adventures around the country.  She is talented on many levels: an eye for detail, composition, and of course brush skill and technique.  Perhaps being a noted miniature artist is a good format for a traveling artist in this day and age.   

Recently, Rockwell was featured in the Miniature Art Society of Florida exhibit.  Three of her paintings were amazing, two featured Florida scenes and a third was of the Upper Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park.  None of these paintings were more than four inches square, and viewers recommend using a magnifying glass to see all of the details.  Society members say that you can see the true skill and techniques of the art when inspecting the works under magnification.  

Rockwell studied under two prominent artists, Gunter Korus and Beverly Carhart.  Korus wa…