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Wendy Thon - Narrative Artist

Wendy Thon explores the gradations of sepia brown, moving from almost black to white.  It is the power of shadows and light that makes this print come alive.  In the print below; "Afternoon Shadows," her technical skills and artistic instinct makes up a story for us.  If I could show you a close up detail you could see through the fine lace glass curtains in the far side of the room.  What you would see is the neighbor's house.  The glass curtains lets the light shine in creating shadows that extenuate the rocking chair's spindles.  The late afternoon sun creates elongated shadows on the wooden plank floor. 

The interior spaces are filled with wooden trim work that outlines the doors, a case opening, and mop boards.  In the distance we see containers that sit on top of the window frame, and in the forefront we see an antique cabinet and a marionette with a broom stick.

"Afternoon Shadows" Artist Proof Signed Lower Right:  Wendy Thon, 1988 (in pencil)
Thon wor…

Donald L. Dodrill (1922-2017), Ohio Watercolor Artist

It will soon be time for hunting season.  During pheasant season, (when I was a child) my dad would take a shotgun with him to church on Sunday's just in case there was an opportunity to bring home a bird.  I don't ever remember my mother cooking a pheasant, but I knew several families that would make pheasant into a delicacy, perhaps Pheasant with Orange-Saffron Sauce.  Sounds like something straight out a James Beard cookbook, Right?
Donald Lawrence Dodrill's "Pheasant Season" watercolor below, seems right out of Field & Stream magazine, or perhaps an advertisement for Remington.  In this late autumn scene, his color palette explodes as he paints the male ringneck pheasant escorting his hen.  He captures the subtleties of light, shadows and reflection upon the snow, within the dormant grasses, shrubs and trees.     

Dodrill was a watercolor aficionado, having a BFA from Ohio State University and a MFA from Syracuse.  He was a signature member of the American,…