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Nancy Reinke, Master Draughtsman and Etcher

Nancy McDonald Reinke displayed the finest draughtsmanship in the world of etching.  The self-evident excellence and skill was demonstrated by being able to draw on a metal plate, and better yet, draw in the reverse, so that when the print was printed everything looked in order.  This also could be described as outstanding graphic design.  She exploits a sense of humor, almost a tongue in cheek in her work, as in the example provided for this blog:  "Lap Cat."  

In the case of "Lap Cat" she renders a story that takes place in a Victorian interior.  The rug on the floor has a Greek meander, the table cloth is a crazy quilt covered with an oversize lace doily, there is an old oil lamp on the table, and the wallpaper is striped.  Far in the background is a Renoir brochure with a cat, and portrait of grandma hangs on the wall.  We are not sure if it is a child or a Victorian doll sitting on the cat's lap, as the cat becomes a chair within the interior scene.