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Andrew Linton - Master Ceramic Artist - Pottery Central

“The Flying Fish Urn” is a salt glazed wheel-thrown urn with a hand-built flying fish flat cover.  The surface decoration is fully scored with 3 blue glazed fish in the front and one on the back.  Linton’s work is tight, careful and classical with elements of humor, in this case:  A Funky Flying Fish.

What can be said about Andrew Linton, Master Ceramic Artist from North Carolina?

Well he has jumped through all the hoops just to be noticed as a ceramic artist. He holds a BFA in Painting as well as a BFA in Art Education with a ceramics concentration from East Carolina University.

Additionally, he studied at Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. At Penland he studied with the legendary ceramic artist Don Reitz and had the opportunity to assist Ron Meyers and Chuck Hindes. Both Meyers and Hindes are prominent ceramicists that provide influence to Linton’s curren…