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Etienne Ret (1900-1996) French/American Artist

A Los Angeles Times critic noted of a 1943 exhibit:  "Ret is a poet and his pictures are poetic paintings."

Etienne Ret (1900-1996), French (lived in California)
"Young Man Playing the Sitar"
Signed UL, watercolor and gouache, image approximately 22” x 17" - matted and framed.  

Ravi Shankar (1920 –  2012)
A prominent Indian musician who was best-known as a sitar musician and a  composer of Hindustani classical music. The photograph: Shankar, the guru of the sitar, 1966, belongs to Getty Images, Obituary was included in national publication.

Etienne Ret (1900-1996) French/American Artist

Born in Bourbonnais France, Etienne (Perret) Ret studied art in Paris at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, under Maurice Denis and G. Desvaileres. He first exhibited his original paintings, etchings and lithographs with the Societe des Independants, in Paris, and throughout France. In 1929 Ret published his own book of poems, Blindman’s Bluff; he won the Florence Blumenthal Prize and did…

Shirley Fearn Shaneyfelt: (1916 -2004) DC - Northern Virginia Artist

Composition “There is a Light” Oil on Canvas, 37” X 37”, in a silver leaf frame
The colorfield abstract impressionist canvas is like a radioactive sea of golden aspen with acidic spots of green and an undulating band of textured silver. The yellow works as a guiding light, directing us toward the thrill of fall colors and reminds us that bright colors encourage our souls.

Shirley Fearn Shaneyfelt: (1916 -2004) DC - Northern Virginia Artist
Sheneyfelt worked in a variety of artistic styles and media, from naïve to large abstract oil paintings, to delicate brush paintings and watercolors. Some of her most noted paintings were in a naïve style of the civil rights movement here in the Washington, DC area.

The Museum of Nebraska Art holds a painting called: Freedom March - see below - photo by MONA. The Museum states - the painting “is an excellent example of naïve art, as the perspective within the composition is awkward, contains a forceful use of pattern and color, but nonetheless s…

Clare Ferriter (1913 - 1994) Portrait and Abstract Artist

The famous New York Times Art Critic, John Canaday, provided a one-line synopsis of Clare Ferriter's 1964 show at the Bridge Gallery (61 West 56th Street).  He stated the show is:  
A low feverishness simmers in murky abstract paintings done in autumnal tints.1.

The painting (Oil on Canvas) carries two titles:   “Totem Pole and Three Wise Owls and One Not So Wise.” This abstract impressionist painting style was started by Ferriter in the 1950s,  and the canvas size is approximately 26” X 34”.

Closeup example of Clare Ferriter’s Signature.
Clare Ferriter, b. June 18, 1913, Dickinson, ND, aka: Patricia Clare Ferriter, and Mrs. John Tilton Hack: 2./ 5. Late 1920s attended Massachusetts School of Fine Arts. 1931-33 lived in the Philippines, with her military enlisted father, worked as an illustrator for the Manila Times.    1935, received her BFA, Yale University School of Art and Architecture, went on to receive her MA in Art, Stanford University (Her thesis covered egg te…

Steven Hustvedt (1926 - 2005) Noted Maryland Artist

“In Drydock”  1957 - Casein on Artist Board, 12” X 9” The painting is based on a photograph Hustvedt saw in the  September 1937 edition of Fortune Magazine.   The edition covered US Shipping and Shipbuilding.

The photograph above is taken from Fortune Magazine, Volume XVI, Number 3, Page 85.   The article title: Bethlehem Ship...having built more ships than anyone in the western hemisphere,... The photograph caption is: Sparrow Point:  A Swedish Ore Carrier gets her bottom scraped and painted in dry dock.  You can see the similarities between Hustvedt’s inspiration for the painting and the photo.    

Mr. Steven Hustvedt
Mr. Steven Hustvedt, aka, Stephen Hustvedt was an artist that crossed many boundaries, he was known as a: Graphic Artist Representational Fine Artist/Painter Designer
He d

Susan Avis Murphy, AWS - Noted Watercolorist

“Last of the Snow”  Watercolor on Arches Paper 140 lbs pressed cold rag.  Size approximately 14” x 22”.    Framed Size approximately 22” x 30”.  

For over 30 years, Ms. Murphy has been a watercolorist.  She was not originally an art major, instead she majored in biology and anthropology, and worked as a biologist for about 15 years.  In the mid-1970s she went back to school to study art at the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY.  Also, during those days she attended workshops with many notable watercolorists.  Now, she is the notable watercolor artist giving workshops and advice.    
Since 2005, Murphy has been a full-time artist, teacher, and proprietor of ARThouse in Sandy Springs, MD.  She has had significant exhibitions with the American Watercolor Society, Allied Artist of America, the National Arts Club, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Southern Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, and the Adirondack National…

Andrew Linton - Master Ceramic Artist - Pottery Central

“The Flying Fish Urn” is a salt glazed wheel-thrown urn with a hand-built flying fish flat cover.  The surface decoration is fully scored with 3 blue glazed fish in the front and one on the back.  Linton’s work is tight, careful and classical with elements of humor, in this case:  A Funky Flying Fish.

What can be said about Andrew Linton, Master Ceramic Artist from North Carolina?  
Well he has jumped through all the hoops just to be noticed as a ceramic artist.  He holds a BFA in Painting as well as a BFA in Art Education with a ceramics concentration from East Carolina University.
Additionally, he studied at Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  At Penland he studied with the legendary ceramic artist Don Reitz and had the opportunity to assist Ron Meyers and Chuck Hindes.  Both Meyers and Hindes are prominent ceramicists that provide influence to Linton’s current work.  Linton also had the opportunity to assist Meyers again at the Arrowmont School of …