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Roderick Slater - Mixed Media Artist, Born 1937

Roderick Slater - Mixed Media (Painting & Collage-Assemblage) Artist, Born 1937

Every once in awhile, you should leave your blog to the experts:  Wikipedia.  They did such a great job describing Slater and his artistic background, I am going to leave part of this blog to them:   Roderick Slater is an Americanartist born in Goodrich, Michigan in 1937. He studied art at the National Academy of Design School of Art in NYC. His works include paintings, etchings, drypoints, and collagraphs and collages and he is best known for mixed media works combining painting and collage. Slater’s collages, composed on rectilinear grids, often include three-dimensional

Charles Murray Foster - Artist, born 1919

C. Murray Foster - Artist, born 1919
C. Murray Foster (1919-1994) Artist
"The Work Yard"

Oil on Canvas
Approximately 26 X 20 Inches
From Foster's MacDougal Street Studio
Foster's Monogram Signature
A "F" inside a Circle with a Tie on Top
Original Wood Frame
Charles Murray Foster is one of the great mystery men of the artworld.  A talented remarkable man. He recently made the news again by having one of military letters published by the New York Historical Society (Nov. 2015).  Foster was deployed to northern France in 1944.  This recently published letter to a friend included sketches and written graphic details of the French landscape and people.  

After the war, Foster found his way back to New York, where he attended the Art Students League.  He was a student of Reginald Marsh, Kenneth H. Miller, Julian Levi and John Carroll.  In 1947, Foster was the winner of the McDowell Fellowship at the League, as well as it was his breakout year for artistic recognition…

Taylor Oughton - b. March 29, 1925, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Taylor Oughton

White Chrysanthemums

Approximately 23 X 18 - oil on masonite 
Originally exhibited at: 
The Hanging Shop, Peddler's Village
Lahaska, PA  1969 

Taylor Oughton Signature Example
Linen Mat with gold painted frame. 

Taylor Oughton

Taylor Oughton is a an award winning painter and illustrator. He became an illustrator by trade, and built his reputation on his commissions. 
Oughton's subject matter varies, but nature and wildlife are his primary interests. For more than 40 years, he has illustrated magazines and books. His work has been featured in publications including: Reader's Digest, Field and Stream, Holiday, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Cosmopolitan and the Saturday Evening Post. Oughton has also designed at the Franklin Mint and for the Lenox Collectibles. His nature illustrations can be found in the Boy Scout handbook.
Oughton began to do portraits of officers while serving in the Orient during World War II. After World …

Alois “Al” Mauser, Artist 1922 - 2014

Alois "Al" Mauser, Artist 1922 - 2014
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine

Oil on Canvas - 24 x 18 Inches
with a simple white wooden frame

Signature Example - Alois Mauser 11 - 96
Originally Exhibited and Shown by: 
Channel 21 - PBS Auction 
Valued at $300.00

Alois “Al” Mauser

The late Alois Mauser spent his early school years in Brooklyn, where he was born. His teachers encouraged his interest in drawing. One teacher in particular gave him a drawing pad. Later, he and his sister, now orphans, moved with their foster parent, to a farm in upstate rural New York. Again teachers in middle and high school encouraged him, but he took no formal training at that time. He worked in pen or pencil on sketches of local scenes or doing school related art work. He painted in oil on canvas and occasionally on glass. During those years he was also a regular participant in the farm chores of family neighbors. After graduating from Fultonville High School during the depth of the Depression he attended …