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Sally Turner: 1916-1997 AKA: Sarah (Sally) Sargent Turner

Ms. Turner, like many excellent artists of her day, got lost behind her husband’s career; Theodore R. Turner, Art Professor, University of Virginia. His work and career took center stage and she played a supporting role. Which is strange, because she was well educated, trained and was an excellent artist in her own right.
Perhaps this blog should be called: Sally Turner: The Lost and Forgotten. She was born in Jefferson, Ohio to parents who understood that a good education was important for young women. She graduated from Wellesley College and Parsons School of Design. She also studied painting in New York at the Arts Student League and the Hans Hoffman School of Art. 
Clearly this exposure to noted artists clearly influenced her work. In the example shown here: Black Leather Jacket, Turner’s work could easily be compared with other great women artists of her time, such as, Nell Blaine (1922-1996) and Alice Neel (1900-1984). Turner demonstrates that she can capture the forl…

Kevin C. Lawler - NYC Artist

Kevin C. Lawler is an emerging New York artist that uses surrealist images in his paintings. He studied at both the Corcoran and Pratt. His BFA is from Pratt.

His website on Tumbler has two titles for this painting, I like "Confrontation at a Funeral." Which is one of the two titles. He has totally prepped the canvas in an abstract form, then attached biblical pages that cover the "purpose of the Bible" and "The History of the Bible."

On top of these pages, he provides an almost graffiti presentation of a skull and skeleton. Additionally you see letters that might translate into words, combined with numbers. This graffiti imagery repeats several faces that might be the confrontation at a funeral.

The texture of the paint comes in thick spots to faded out oils. In this regard, Mr. Lawler demonstrates powerful storytelling with his brush. It is a great painting with impact.


Craig Reheis (1941-1991) Noted Ft. Lauderdale Artist

Craig C. Reheis (1941-1991) Noted Ft. Lauderdale Artist

Craig Crosby Reheis artwork is cherished and desirable within certain circles.  He started life as a Jewish New Jersey Boy growing up in Maplewood.  Went off to Lehigh University (PA) and graduated in Business in 1964, not Art.   Yet, during his college days he was noted for his artistic abilities and Lehigh awarded him the Fabiani Award for contemporary painting in 1963.

Like many young men of his day, the military came calling and he spent a tour with the Army after graduation.  Upon leaving the Army in the late 60s he landed in Ft. Lauderdale, where he open an art gallery.  His business acumen was instrumental in creating outdoor art fairs with artists, such as the Los Olas Art Fair; as noted in An Artist `s Guide to Sidewalk Exhibiting (Watson-Guptill, 1980).  

He also managed a gallery and his own career.  His most noted works were sold at Wentworth Galleries Palm Beach, Boston, Washington, DC, and the Billy Hork Gallery, Chica…