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Helen H. Juchnicki, (1917 - 2012) Regional Impressionist

Juchnicki was an accomplished artist that studied painting for most of her 95 years.  While her degree was in Business from Bay Path College, 1938, Longmeadow, MA.  She spent at least 60 years studying art.  She was a private pupil of the esteemed American artist Edwin Dickinson.  Dickinson worked in Massachusetts, thus the connection.  Dickinson left Juchnicki with the innate ability to communicate a landscape with quick impressionistic paint stokes.  Like Dickinson, in the painting below and difficult to see in this photograph, she creates a country landscape with a farm grain silo with four paint strokes: red, maroon, and two that are in the pink tones. These four strokes illustrate sunshine and shadow as the silo takes on a round shape.  

Close inspection of Juchnicki work looks effortless, the buildup canvas with paint almost adds a three dimensional quality.  Here she is using “en plein air” methodology, building the composition while mixing oils right the canvas.  She uses a com…