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Clare Ferriter (1913 - 1994) Portrait and Abstract Artist

The famous New York Times Art Critic, John Canaday, provided a one-line synopsis of Clare Ferriter's 1964 show at the Bridge Gallery (61 West 56th Street).  He stated the show is:   A low feverishness simmers in murky abstract paintings done in autumnal tints.1. The painting (Oil on Canvas) carries two titles:   “Totem Pole and Three Wise Owls and One Not So Wise.” This abstract impressionist painting style was started by Ferriter in the 1950s,  and the canvas size is approximately 26” X 34”. Closeup example of Clare Ferriter’s Signature.
Clare Ferriter, b. June 18, 1913, Dickinson, ND, aka: Patricia Clare Ferriter, and Mrs. John Tilton Hack: 2./ 5. Late 1920s attended Massachusetts School of Fine Arts.1931-33 lived in the Philippines, with her military enlisted father, worked as an illustrator for the Manila Times.   1935, received her BFA, Yale University School of Art and Architecture, went on to receive her MA in Art, Stanford University (Her thesis covered egg tempera - a Renaiss…

Steven Hustvedt (1926 - 2005) Noted Maryland Artist

“In Drydock”  1957 - Casein on Artist Board, 12” X 9” The painting is based on a photograph Hustvedt saw in the  September 1937 edition of Fortune Magazine.   The edition covered US Shipping and Shipbuilding.
The photograph below is taken from Fortune Magazine, Volume XVI, Number 3, Page 85.   The article title: Bethlehem Ship...having built more ships than anyone in the western hemisphere,... The photograph caption is: Sparrow Point:  A Swedish Ore Carrier gets her bottom scraped and painted in dry dock.  You can see the similarities between Hustvedt’s inspiration for the painting and the photo.     Mr. Steven Hustvedt  Mr. Steven Hustvedt, aka, Stephen Hustvedt was an artist that crossed many boundaries, he was known as a:  Graphic Artist Representational Fine Artist/PainterDesigner He designed postal stamps, NASA patches, and top selling posters. He also was a talented visual artist who spent most of his adult life in the Annapolis area where he worked mostly on nautical themes.