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C. Smith Marks - Maryland Artist

C. Smith Marks - Maryland Artist
C. Smith Marks, AKA Cissy is a Baltimore artist who shares her life with husband and fellow talented artist/architect Paul Marks.  Smith Marks has exhibited extensively within her community and works to show off her paintings in local coffee shops to formal gallery shows.  
Some of her latest work involves portraits, and we take on a bold assumption that they are paintings of local Baltimoreans serving as models, (some nudes and some neighbors/friends).  Out of all her portraits, I like a painting called Ellen.  It seems most reflective of what Baltimore should look like.    
Smith Marks also takes on flowers and fruit in her version of the still life.  Her website says, "My love of brilliance, vibrancy of color and composition in regards to interplay of negative and positive space best describes the priorities in my work. I have a bold, graphic style using flat planes and minimal modeling.” I agree with her assessment when it comes to her execution …