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Zanne Hochberg (1931-2001) Abstract Expressionist

Zanne Hochberg (1931 - 2001) Abstract Expressionist

2/25 Artist Proof, Signed and Dated 1992
Zanne Lee Rosenthal Hochberg as an artist is well-known to my Texas readers.  She is esteemed for her abstract expressionist work in an area of the country that did not produce many noted abstract artists.  While noted for her colorful abstract canvases that looked similar to Helen Frankenthaler work, few knew her as a printmaker.  
She accomplished some great prints during her lifetime.  The one above has an ideogrammic expression that has a tendency to become calligraphic as soon as the symbols establish themselves.  These unreadable kanji characters become a pattern of light and dark which she tried to ideogrammize.  The print possesses hair lines that need to be examined up close as well as bold gestural strokes, yet all lines, thick or thin with dark spots, are fight to stay within the boundaries of the composition.  Just like her noted abstract paintings, this print has an air of spontanei…