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Gladys Kashdin (1921-2014) Florida Artist

Dr. Gladys Shafran Kashdin was a combination of several remarkable people: Artist, Researcher, Writer, Teacher/Professor, Department University Administrator, Volunteer, Naturalist and Philanthropist.  Being dearly loved within the Tampa Bay region, the Museum of Science and Industry named its "Welcome Center" after her.

She was known for developing her artistic style from realistic figures to her increasing interest in nature, abstraction and conceptual forms. A recurring theme in her later work included the Everglades, the wetlands preserved into a national park.  She believed in the ongoing restoration of the Everglades, an effort to remedy the inflicted damage on the southern Florida environment. Her nature subjects were frequently executed in ink drawings on paper, however she is known for creating other subjects in paper and cloth collages, acrylic paintings, and serigraphs.

Kashdin's Everglades Series was a personal and scientific exploration of this unique Flo…