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Conrad House 1956-2001, Navajo Oneida Artist

CONRAD HOUSE (b. 29 November 1956, Rehoboth, NM / d. 2001) 
Today I want to introduce you to the work of Conrad House.  With a name like Conrad House, your first internet search will have you looking at mansions that belong to the Hilton family.  That was the struggle of chasing down detailed information on Mr. House, very little information exists on the internet.  Then I came upon book that provided biographies on Native American artists, and low and behold, I found the details.  This blog provides some of the details referenced in the book, I go on to provide further updated details.    
Mr. House was a master artisan that worked in several different medias.  During the review of his exhibit at Sacred Circle Gallery in Seattle, it was noted that the exhibit looked like a group show than just a solo show.  He worked in fabric, glass, beadwork, accomplished ink drawings and intertwining pastels.  
Joyce Szabo, Professor, Native American Art History, University of New Mexico, essay on H…