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Howard Murry (1891-1968) North Carolina Watercolor Artist

Nestled high in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina is a peaceful rural community untouched for over two hundred years.  That place is Valle Crucis, a resort town in the Watauga Valley near Boone.  It was there that Howard Murry, a Charlotte native and an accomplished water-colorist, visually documented the landscape and traditions of the region during the past mid-century.  
Murry is currently experiencing an artist resurrection.  The Lee Hansley Gallery in Raleigh has launched an exhibit through March 25th entitled:  "Howard Murry Rediscovered".  His work has not been shown in an exhibit format in twenty-four years.   According to David Klein with the Indy Week, Murry was interested in the ways and means of living in rural North Carolina, from traditional farming methods to religious practices, and his watercolor landscapes depict a slightly idealized past, free of utility lines and automobiles, taking subtle modernist liberties with his subjects. 
The exhibition con…