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George Drummond Mansfield (1920-2008) American Artist/Louisiana

G. Drummond Mansfield, American artist known for his paintings of the French Quarter in New Orleans. He painted at the “Slave Quarter Studio” located at 631 rue Chartres, in the heart of the French Quarter. It was an exotic and sensual neighborhood, with dawn-to-dawn jazz, crawfish and etouffee, part bizarre and part beautiful.

This painting depicts a colorful sunset with a silhouette of a horse and buggy touring the French Quarter. The balconies covered with their lacy iron scrollwork adds iconic structural elements to the buildings and street scene that says Vieux Carre. He was known for painting New Orleans scenes, signed "Mansfield" and “Drummond”. His middle name was a family name, the same as his father, Thomas Drummond Mansfield, MD. This explains why he used two different names as his signature.

"The French Quarter"  Oilon Canvas,  Signed:  Mansfield,   G. Drummond Mansfield
George Drummond Mansfield was born in 1920 in Seoul, Korea; his father was a Medica…