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Alice Baber (1928 - 1982) Blip Artist

As we unpack the art history books, Alice Baber is frequently described as an abstract artist, her New York Times' obituary described her work as lyrically abstract.  Yes, she is an abstract artist, however instead, she should be noted as an abstract artist that invented blip art, where she worked with multiple ovoid shapes.  

Her work is like looking through a kaleidoscope where the angled mirrored walls reflect the colored glass elements into patterns of light and color.  As in the example below, she deploys blips of colors on the canvas; lemon yellow, cherry red, Tiffany aqua and spots of taupe, all laying on a bed of white.  Some of the overlapping colors built up into intense hues.  The sizes of the blips vary and the transparency of the colors builds into swirls around empty areas.