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Ryan Parker, Landscape Photo Prophet

Photographers have been combining art and documenting the landscape since the invention of  the first cameras. During the 1930’s Great Depression, a New Deal Agency, the Farm Security Administration was created. The FSA was created to combat rural poverty, today it is known for its highly influential photography program, now these photos are considered national treasures.

These photos documented the drought and the misuse of the land. Today, Ryan Parker is serving as a modern landscape photographer. Part prophet, part photojournalist, he creates minimalistic photographs to warn us about transforming the landscape for profit. He is not a fire and brimstone preacher or activist, instead his understated photographs with subdued graphic content remind us of the desolate landscape.  Parker's images of nature or industrial sites could be compared to the famous Danish photographer, Per Bak Jensen.  They both photograph unusual subjects, like twigs and bushes in the snow and strange con…