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Madeline Belmont, and the Durgin Covered Bridge, North Sandwich Village, NH

Belmont, a Geneva, NY, artist, yielded signature bold strokes with a strong emotion, creating an evocative landscape in her painting of the "Durgin Bridge". Using a loose painterly style, the trees are exuberantly colorful as she mixes bright yellow with black to create different shades of green. The shadows are shades of blue, which provides shocking electric clarity of the New Hampshire summer sun. The bridge is historically brown where she demonstrates her artistic impulses right on the canvas. 

Belmont creates the composition with an on-the-spot response to the scene. There is spontaneity as she records the 1869 covered brown bridge. Each brush stroke comes live as her palette is limited to just about five colors each mixed with black. She uses the mixed colors right on the canvas board that push the composition more and more to emotion response. We might have never visited the Durgin Bridge near Sandwich, NH, but we know scene. The bridge is old, the dirt road is dusty, …