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Lilly King Manning - Virginia Artist

Manning, has been doing art for years.  Not only does she have a passion for art, she has taken the responsibilities of art administration and management with numerous art societies around the country.  In the late 1990's she served as President of the Washington Watercolor Association and still to this day, she serves as the local contact for an art society.

This watercolor "Nasturtiums and Matisse Wallpaper" depicts a loose arrangement of spring nasturtiums taken from her garden.  The nasturtiums in their wiry way cover over most of the vase, and the outlines of large broad leaves resembles the curvilinear lines in the wallpaper.  The brilliant bouquet with soft red and yellow petals serve as a contrast with the lavender and blue lines on the wall.  The table top hold the floral arrangement depicting the shadows and shades below each petal and leaf.

The flowers and wallpaper in Manning's painting is represented by curved lines, making the painting appear less weigh…