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Gladys Day - San Diego Artist, Born around 1891, England

Gladys Day - San Diego Artist, Born around 1891, EnglandSan Diego is in the land of southern California, where the sun and shores create an idyllic place for artists.  Gladys Day was one of those working artist.  Unlike many of her contemporaries, she needed to use her illustrative talents to support her family.  She painted local houses and gardens in watercolor, using them to support her family of five during the depression.  She continued to paint picturesque Coronado scenes, which she sold from 1934 on.  In the early days, prices were frequently in the 25 cent range.  Which means, she had to prepare a lot of watercolors to support her family.  
Day took an outdoor landscape art class from Alfred Mitchell in 1929.  Mitchell was one of San Diego’s most important artists and is heavily documented, as well as his work is highly sought after.  Clearly Mitchell influenced Day’s work.  A popular San Diego artist book, “Second Nature” shows the work of Mitchell and you can see how he influ…

Dyanne Strongbow Weber - Watercolor Artist - B. 1951 Austin, TX

Dyanne Strongbow Weber - B. 1951 Austin, TX
“Canoeing in the Cattails”

Watercolor on Art Paper, Framed 23 X 29 Inches

“Drumming” Calling the Spirits Back

Watercolor on Art Paper, Framed:  Approximately:  23 X 29 Inches

Canoeing in the Cattails - Watercolor Detail

Signature Detail

Dyanne Strongbow:  An artist who is frequently listed in the categories of:  First, Only, and Different. First:  She is an artist that uses the power of negative space in her watercolors from a Native American perspective.  Only:  Unlike many Native American artists she captured her heritage in precision watercolors which are difficult to execute, a great artistic talent.  Different:  She is a Native American Woman in a predominantly white art business world.  All totaled this means success.
I know what you are thinking, I don’t know her work, she can’t be that successful.  Well success is in the eyes of the beholder.  Strongbow was born in Austin, attended Southwest Texas University where she studied commercial a…

Louis George Bouché Muralist and Artist (March 18, 1896 – August 7, 1969)

Louis BouchéMuralist and Artist (March 18, 1896 – August 7, 1969)
The short story on Bouché is compelling.  Louis George Bouché was born in NYC, raised in Paris, studied at the Lysée Calneux, Academy Colorossi, and the Grande Chaumiere.  He went on to study at the Art Students League of New York in 1915, with Dimitri Romanovsky and Frank Vincent DuMond. In 1920s he curated an art gallery in Wanamaker's department store and then went on to be one of the top artists of his generation.
Whereas, little is known of him today, his work is in about 20 major museums, including:  The Los Angeles County Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Phillips Collection, The Walker Art Center and the Whitney Museum.  His gallery dealer was Kraushaar Galleries in New York where they had at least 13 one-person exhibits of his work.  These exhibits lasted from 1936 to 1970.  
Beyond being an artist he worked as an art instructor for both the Art Students’ League and the National Academy of Design.  …